Who Uses C-Cell

C-Cell is used globally across the entire bakery industry. Each sector uses detailed information to control product quality.

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industrial Bakeries

Commercial bakeries use C-Cell to benchmark end product quality and provide valuable feedback to production teams. By identifying variability in final product quality, adjustments to the process can be made to reduce production waste.


Flour millers

Because of the complexity in bakery production many things can go wrong. Even with the wide range of tests carried out in a flour mill laboratory there is a need to test bake the finished product to ensure end use suitability. C-Cell provides objective data allowing the miller to confirm flour quality meets the desired specification.


Ingredients (Improvers/Yeast)

Ingredients play a critical role in defining baked product quality. C-Cell can objectively assess the performance of the ingredients and ensure the formulation is optimised.


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Bakery equipment manufacturers

Bakery production lines are a combination of individual actions that must link together to form a process resulting in acceptable finished product quality.

Equipment changes within the bakery process line will impact on product quality. Bakery equipment manufacturers use C-Cell to validate performance at all stages of production.

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research & Plant Breeding

The full capability of C-Cell can be utilised in these fields in order to determine new quality drivers for the industry. The data rich output provides unique information regarding all aspects of texture, colour, size and shape.


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extruded & aerated food

Wider applications for C-Cell include other food products with an aerated internal structure such as, chocolate or expanded snack food.