C-Cell can produce a wide range of measurements which can be broken down into the following sub-groups to determine product quality in aerated snack food.

  • Colour
  • Dimensions
  • Shape
  • Cell Size
  • Elongation

Many companies select 5-8 results that best differentiates their product quality.


L*a*b* Colour results are available with C-Cell Colour. Data such as average colour, external colour and brightness are available.




Multiple measurements are recorded for each slice including cell wall thickness and cell elongation.



Visual appearance is quantified with shape measurements which may indicate possible wear in the die head.

Cell Size

Individual cell analysis provides detailed information regarding number, size and distribution of cells throughout the structure. Wall Thickness and Cell Elongation provide valuable information on the interaction between extruder performance and raw material.


Extruder performance can be monitored through cell elongation measurements. C-Cell gives a visual indication of the axis of elongation as well as the extension ratio.