The use of Enzymes as a Bakery Improver

A new trend is the baking industry is the use of enzymes as a baking improver, but what exactly are enzymes? And how can C-Cell assist the bakery in the use of enzymes? Click to find out more.

Jaffa Cakes - Are they cake or biscuit?

With it being national biscuit day, we thought we would look into the age old debate - Are Jaffa Cakes a cake or a biscuit? We took to C-Cell to find out!

Distributor of the year WINNER!

This year, we introduced the distributor of the year award for all of our distributors worldwide. Our distributors put in continued effort all year around and are all hand-picked due to their expertise in all aspects of baking within their regions. 

Methods in Action Workshop - The Review!

As Calibre represent all the major rheology equipment suppliers in the UK, we felt it was the perfect opportunity to host the Methods in Action workshop alongside AACCi before their annual conference in London.

C-Cell Method Approved Internationally

Our method for the analysis of structure in baked goods, has been accepted as an Approved Method by AACC International (AACCI). The method will help bakers to objectively assess quality consistantly within their bakeries.

The Ingredients Show

Join us at the Ingredients Show (NEC Birmingham) 16-18th April 2018!

GRAPAS Conference 2017

An in depth presentation on structure formation in bread and different mixing regimes to final product structure featuring C-Cell.

NEW Website!

We’re delighted to bring you a bang up-to-date website that you can use at home or on the go, whether on your computer, tablet or mobile.