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C-Cell produces over 50 measurements per analysis, these are broken down into the following sub-groups.

  • Colour
  • Dimensions
  • Shape
  • Cell Size
  • Elongation
  • Inclusions
  • External features

Many companies select 5-8 results that best differentiates their product quality.


L*a*b* colour results are available with C-Cell Colour. Data such as Average crumb colour, Inclusion area, colour and location are available. The crust unwrap tool is featured here which also enables the crust thickness to be measured. 

NOTE: inclusion colour measurements use a bespoke calibration developed on the users specific product range.


Multiple measurements are recorded for each slice including slice area, maximum and average height, width and packaging dimensions such as wrapper length. 


Concavity (top, bottom and side), Oven Spring (position, height, depth) and top shoulder and bottom roundness are measured for both sides of the slice.


Cell Size

Individual cell analysis provides detailed information regarding number, size and distribution of cells throughout the crumb structure. Holes, Wall Thickness and Cell Areas & Volumes are quantified.


Cell Elongation measurements using X/Y diameter co-ordinates for each cell provides a circulation map showing the axis of elongation and level of curvature of the internal crumb structure.