Creating the perfect loaf day after day is not achieved by accident, it takes hard work and the continual assessment of quality to maximise the raw material potential whilst minimising the negative impact processing has on the dough.


How can we achieve this consistently over a number of ingredient deliveries to a number of bakeries?


The answer lies in monitoring quality though objective analysis - you can only control what you measure.

Objective data removes the natural variations we find with sensory analysis and gives precise information that can be acted upon immediately.


C-Cell provides up to 60 different measurements providing valuable data on raw materials, mixing, processing and baking, which can be utilised by the baker to achieve the best possible quality.



By giving your end product a number (or as we like to call it, a bread score) it is easy to monitor any changes, both positive and negative throughout the process. By scoring the “perfect loaf” it helps monitor any inconsistencies and adjust the process accordingly, which ultimately helps reduce any product wastage from bad batches.


Bread scoring on C-Cell is bespoke to your company, tell us what your perfect loaf looks like, and we can set up parameters to ensure it flags in red if your results go outside of your benchmarks.