An increase in the availability of new baking ingredients (such as enzymes) means that the test bakery is under more pressure to evaluate current formulations and recipes to achieve new, cleaner labels.

Test Baking

With more and more ingredients on the market, test bakeries are becoming increasingly under pressure to evaluate each ingredient to assess its performance on the production line. During assessment, test bakeries would look at reducing recipe costs, improving the product and to move to clean label packaging. By making small changes with ingredients the overall quality of the product can alter, as well as maximising profit from the bakery itself. 


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How to reduce the time it takes optimise recipes? 

Using Objective instrumental analysis to identify the performance benefits found in new ingredients reduces the number of test bakes that are required, leading to cost saving and improved product quality.

C-Cell uses data to analyse over 50 different characteristics of bread and can be quantified to levels not visible to the human eye, such as 0.43mm cell wall thickness.

With the increasing availability of improver systems, their evaluation and incorporation into existing product recipes needs to be speeded up. By using an objective analysis method with C-Cell, it can save you time and money in a high demanding bakery production time. 

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